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Better Appraisers

It’s never about “cheapest and fastest” at FCAM. Appraisals are not commodities. Since there is a wide variance in appraisal quality, one simple fact is inescapable: Better Appraisals

come from Better Appraisers!

Weekly Appraiser Pay Schedule

“I like working for First Choice because they treat appraisers with respect, support a cost plus model for appraisers and are always pleasant to work with . They are the only AMC I would work with!”

- John C., Appraiser

Full Transparency with an Ethical Business Model

Appraiser Experts on Staff for Escalations & Resources

"Working with First Choice has many benefits. I personally really appreciate the positive attitudes and messages provided by the staff; this helps keep conversations and possible concerns upbeat. I also appreciate the responsiveness of their staff."

- Riley A., Appraiser

Mutually Rewarding Partnerships with Expert Appraisers

Recruit and register the best local Appraisers in every market area

“The staff has the absolute highest integrity. The support I receive as an appraiser, makes me keenly aware that each of the staff members has my back. I cannot say enough about the people who work at First Choice, from reception, orders and conditions, these are the best in the business!”

- Steve C., Appraiser

Appraiser Appreciation Awards and Events

Dedicated teams providing frequent support

Appraiser Owned & Managed

“When it comes to working with an AMC, I can honestly say I've never (and I mean NEVER) have worked with a more caring, kind, professional and considerate group of men and women as with First Choice Appraisal Management!"

- Ric B., Appraiser

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First Choice was founded in the Western region and is deeply rooted in its appraisal, real estate and mortgage lending communities. FCAM focuses on providing a positive experience by leveraging our trusted panel of local appraisers which could include you!


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Northwest Corporate Offices

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